• Qatargas

    In 2008, Qatargas needed to manage a complex range of stakeholders ahead of delivering LNG into five very different markets, while building four new LNG mega trains at Ras Laffan City industrial complex and managing the worker welfare issues around having up to 40,000 guest workers, largely from South Asia, working on site at any one time.

    We undertook an international stakeholder and media audit, SWOT analysis of issues, media training of the Qatargas and Qatar Petroleum executive teams and targeted media relations.

    More recently, we worked closely with the HR crisis preparedness team to deliver a two day crisis simulation exercise, including modelling an onshore crisis incident at the Ras Laffan Port facility, across multiple sites with dozens of separate inputs. This training provided a combination of scene-setting and theory, team-specific training and coaching, two live exercises and interactive feedback sessions. At the conclusion of the exercise, we submitted a final summary report and assisted the business to implement the findings.

  • Shell

    Blue Rubicon is a strategic communications partner for Shell, working across different geographies to enhance the reputation of one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. We have worked with Shell since 2003 delivering campaign strategies, implementation and leadership counsel to protect multiple classes of business.

    As a major, much-scrutinised global corporation, Shell knows the value of a consistent narrative in the many countries it operates within. We provide Shell with a broad portfolio of reputation management services including stakeholder analysis, building and deploying core narratives, media engagement and coaching in leadership communications.

    For Shell in China and the Middle East, we have shaped a communications strategy to ensure positive sentiment around the gas advocacy proposition which is critical to Shell’s future commercial success. This involved designing a narrative to ensure Shell’s participation in shaping the future legal and regulatory environment for gas. Through influencer interviews, war gaming workshops and focus groups, we identified and articulated the strategic ground Shell wishes to occupy to tell its gas advocacy story and deliver maximum impact with stakeholders in key markets.