• Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy

    Blue Rubicon has worked for the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), the body charged with delivering the Middle East’s historic first FIFA World Cup™ in Qatar in 2022, since January 2012.

    Our brief is broad ranging – helping to communicate the positives of the bid promises, hosting concept and social and economic legacy of the Qatar World Cup to football fans and communities locally, regionally and globally; while also helping with reactive issues management and tackling reputational threats.

    Our work encompasses integrated campaigning and content generation, social media campaigns, and senior media counsel, as the SC progresses on the road to 2022.

  • Qatar Museums

    In partnership with specialist arts and museums PR consultancy Bolton & Quinn, Blue Rubicon’s role for Qatar Museums is to communicate the cultural transformation of Qatar in the Middle East.

    The objective of our activity is to create a cultural capital in Doha. Our global campaigns seek to position Qatar as a modern and progressive creative hub and as a sanctuary and incubator for Arab and Islamic arts and culture that is redefining itself and the world that it encounters. Our activities help tell the story of Qatar Museums through the lens of artists and curators, audiences, aficionados and new fans creating a new community of culture in the region.

    Our work has also helped establish Qatar on the global cultural map. Both the Museum of Islamic Art and Mathaf Museum of Modern Arab Art have been shortlisted for Leading (global) Cultural Destinations awards; and MIA is now the most followed museum globally on Facebook.

  • Aspire Zone

    We support Aspire Zone Foundation, helping the organisation to highlight the steps it is taking to drive progress and performance in a wide variety of sports.

    Aspire Zone boasts some of the world’s finest training facilities, and represents a unique sport, sports medicine, research and education destination.

    We work closely with each of the Member Organisations that make up Aspire Zone Foundation – Aspire Academy, Aspire Logistics and Aspetar – to highlight the part that each plays in in helping to grow and develop champions, build sports infrastructure, support a healthy population and support the sports sector in general.

    We promote the huge variety of activities and initiatives that take place across Aspire Zone Foundation, showcasing its progress and success to a wide variety of local, regional and international media.

  • Vodafone Qatar

    Operating in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving telecommunications market, we work with Vodafone Qatar on a corporate reputation brief designed to build awareness, understanding and engagement with the business’ mission, vision and strategy through public relations and media relations.

    Our focus is on building a continuous and consistent flow of communication with target audiences to ensure that the business’ messages are seen and understood.

    We supplement and enhance a steady stream of news announcements built around initiatives, product developments and other activities with a proactive programme of media relations designed to support key strategic pillars for the business. These range from network infrastructure improvements and investment, a successful and expanding product and service portfolio and Vodafone’s focus on delivering a great customer experience.

  • Qatar University

    Qatar University is the country’s largest education institution with more than 17,000 students – including many Qataris – enrolled across nine colleges and some of the Arab world’s leading faculty members. As such, it is one of Qatar’s most public, and scrutinised, bodies.

    After years of rapid student growth and physical expansion, the new president of Qatar University brought Blue Rubicon on board in early 2016 to assist with reputation management and strategic communications during a period of consolidation and transformation.

    Our team advise across a range of strategic and operational areas, working closely with QU’s strategy team, external relations and the president himself.

  • Northwestern University in Qatar

    Ranked #12 in the United States by US News & World Report and in the top 25 universities worldwide by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) is one of the country’s best universities.

    Our brief for NU-Q is to build the university’s profile with target markets in Qatar and the GCC, enhancing and developing the institution’s brand and highlighting the quality and calibre of staff and students.

    Our strategic approach has focused on developing a differentiating and robust narrative for NU-Q underpinned by audience research. Based on this narrative, we have developed a thought leadership campaign that encompasses media, conferences and events and other public engagement platforms for key figures within NU-Q. Through high impact local, regional and international media relations efforts, this is designed to further enhance the breadth, depth and quality of NU-Q’s coverage across the MENA region.